Funeral Fee’s & Charges

An introduction to Funeral Costs


As part of our code of practice, we are obliged to provide you with full details, in writing, of the charges that are included when arranging a funeral.


When you arranged a funeral with us, you will be given a written estimate of all funeral costs together with confirmation of the arrangements that have been made. Unless changes are made to the arrangements (after the written estimate has been given), you will find that it agrees closely, if not exactly, with the invoice you receive. Any variation between estimate and invoice will usually be the result of items such as newspaper obituary notices which vary according to your particular wishes. However, costs such as these are very clearly marked on the invoice and you are always most welcome to telephone or call in with any queries that you have.


Funeral Director’s Professional Charges


These are the costs charged by the funeral director in connection with arranging and conducting the funeral, together with items such as conveyance of the deceased to our premises, provision of necessary staff and vehicles for the funeral, the coffin selected and, for example, taking the deceased into church or home prior to the funeral taking place. For further interments in existing graves, a charge will be made for the removal of a memorial. For clarity, each of these costs will be itemised on any estimate or invoice.




These are costs which are paid on your behalf, usually prior to the funeral taking place. They include items such as crematorium or cemetery charges and fees payable to organists, ministers, gravediggers, doctors etc. Again each one will be clearly itemised on any estimate or invoice.


Additional Items


These charges will be for additional options that you may have chosen, for example, newspaper obituary notices, floral tributes or catering.


Payment of Accounts


You may settle the account for a funeral either before or after it takes place (excluding the ‘Simple Funeral’ which should be settled prior to the funeral)


If you prefer to pay afterwards, you will receive the invoice approximately 7 days after the funeral has taken place.


We request that disbursements are paid at the time of arranging the funeral as these will be paid to the appropriate parties on your behalf, immediately. However, we appreciate that where accounts are being handled by solicitors or banks, this may not always be possible and you should advise us accordingly.


Remember that we are only too happy to advise and assist you with any enquiry you may have regarding our services or charges.